Yard Drainage

Parker Plumbing can help if you have standing water at your Louisville, KY home is caused when there is a low area in a yard encircled by higher ground, letting standing water accumulate during rain.  Rainfall in Louisville is often  sporadic and the beginning of yard drainage problems. Houses with poor yard drainage or no yard drainage can come to be vastly flooded, and if there is heavy rainfall then the possibility for damage increases immensely.

Yard drainage is necessary because if you don’t have it, houses will endure damage in its structure. Since water can damage concrete, if you don’t have yard drainage water will accumulate and overflow in areas around the house and then will leak through the concrete of the foundation triggering it to crack. If you do not regulate the water in and surrounding your house, it will affect your house and make it crack and shift, which will cost you thousands of dollars’ in damage.

Water that accumulates in the yard because of rainfall will cause damage to your house in ways that might or might not be noticeable to the homeowner. If your lawn floods, it can affect you and your house by limiting the use of the outside area. In addition to limiting your use, if your lawn floods, the chances of the grass, plants and flowers dying rises. Water can grow to meet the heights of the doors and windows of your house and can even limit the use of these entries. Basements that aren’t up to standards can easily be flooded.

At Parker Plumbing we know how important it is to keep your home well maintained. Yard drainage protects all of your homes landscaping work in the wet and rainy periods or the year. If you do not have yard drainage, then all of the effort that you put into your gardens and landscaping will be useless.

Parker Plumbing has your yard drainage solution.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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