Sump Pumps

If your basement is flooding you may need a new sump pump installation or sump pump replacement.  We serve Louisville, KY and all areas surrounding including Southern Indiana. Contact us today if we can help!

A sump pump is an extremely important piece of machinery that helps to defend against basement flooding and also  helps with the cleanup process after a homeowner’s basement has flooded. Unfortunately many American homeowners  do not wish to have sump pump because they find the machines to be ugly looking, foul smelling as well as  damp-producing and moisture forming.

There are many homeowners out there who feel that having a sump pump in their home would make it hard to sell  because of their belief that sump pumps emit foul odors that could possibly turn away potential buyers. Expert  flood cleanup companies, however, believe that having a quality sump pump structure not only gives potential home  buyers piece of mind when it comes to flood clean up issues but can also increase the value of the home.

Plumbing experts advise that homeowners use a patented sealed-environment sump pump system. These types of sump  pump systems should have three pumps working synergistically in order to aid the homeowner with his or her flood  cleanup activity. These sump pump systems should, in effect, address the common problems relevant with common  waterproofing technologies.

Sump pumps come with backup systems to help assist if the primary pump fails. The backup sump pump will continue  to remove the flood water if that were to happen. Sump pumps also come with an axillary pump which helps to  support the primary pump in removing large surplus amounts of flood water that need to be removed. There are also  backup sump pumps that can be operated with batteries so that in case of a power failure or in a situation where  the main power has to be turned off the sump pump will continue to work.

Sump pumps can be a life saver when it comes to effectively pumping out flood water from basements and  crawlspaces. They can truly give the homeowner not only piece of mind but they can make it much easier on the  homeowner during the flood cleanup process. Also, for the homeowners who hate loud noisy sump pumps, there are  many sump pumps on the market today that are quite and smooth running. They are also extremely effective and can  remove up to 110,000 liters of water per hour and also resist clogging by pumping even half-inch wide solid  particles.

Sump pumps work automatically and begin to remove water as soon as the alarm is activated. Most of these sump  pumps are activated once a dangerous level of flood water has been reached. Because of this, sump pumps will not  only save a homeowner from having the major headache of cleaning up the flood water manually but it will also  save the homeowner tons of money her or she would have had to spend with a professional cleanup company.

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