Repiping & Hot Water Recirculation

Parker Plumbing in Louisville can install Hot Water Recirculation System in your home. Hot water recirculation can help you get hot water faster to a room that is a far from the hot water heater. We also do repiping for that home that needs a pipe update.  We can offer you a wide array of plumbing services.

Whether your home needs complete repiping or just a partial repipe, you can rest assured that your repipe will be performed by dependable plumbers that have been trained to the highest standard and have the experience to complete the job to your satisfaction.

If your home has low water flow, discolored water, leaking pipes or a long wait for hot water, your water piping may need to be upgraded. Let one of our repipe experts evaluate your needs and provide you with the appropriate options for your home.

Parker Plumbing installs only the finest materials in your home. Although most homeowners opt for copper, it is no longer the only choice. PEX (polyethylene cross-linked) piping has become a very popular choice for water distribution. PEX tubing can be a great product for repipes due to its flexibility, ease of installation and relatively low price compared to copper.

Hot Water Recirculation
If you are waiting a long time to get hot water from the fixtures in your home, a hot water recirculation systems may be the answer to your problem. A hot water recirculation system provides hot water at each fixture by the use of a small electric circulator that moves the water through the house and returns it back to the water heater which allows the system to be full of hot water when needed. These systems are excellent for conserving water as you will no longer be running the water down the drain while waiting for hot water. In some homes, hundreds of gallons of water are needlessly wasted every year. Parker Plumbing can install a hot water recirculation system in your home, making it not just more efficient but also more convenient.

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